The Legacy Financial System and the Digital Assets Revolution

Since the world was taken off the gold standard in 1971, inflation through monetary debasement has reduced the purchasing power of Fiat currencies by 70% and in some cases 85% over the last 30 years. Due to the central banks expansion of the money supply and too big to fail bailouts for insiders, inflation occurs in asset prices. The scary thing about this global debt based fantasy is that it generates increasing diminishing returns in terms of growth per unit of debt created. Technology is inherently deflationary, reducing the costs of production over time through innovation and increasing efficiency, the Central Banks have been trying to create inflation for two decades and have failed. Why did they fail; they are fighting against human creativity and progress and were always going to lose the battle eventually. Economic theory tells every student in University that normal rates of interest are between 4% and 6% in a brain washing and naïve attempt to convince the masses that the politicians and central banks know what they are doing. After 2008 anyone with even a base level education in economics and finance could see the disconnect between theory and reality; negative interest rates are the icing on the cake for discovering just how much of a delusion and fantasy the current financial system is. Banks and Financial Institutions (which I worked in for twelve years) have had a monopoly on the creation of money through the issuance of debt and have not needed to innovate as a result of the cushy relationships with Governments and the Central Banks, these institutions are in fact the owners of the Governments and the Central Banks. This monopoly and rigged relationship is evident in revolving door appointments to government and private sector positions amongst the systemically relevant Institutions and Governmental bodies. Look no further than the Clintons and Bidens, running pay for play schemes to enrich themselves through the use of Government and Tax payer resources (but they are just two examples amongst thousands).

How does this tie in to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain you ask?

Finally an alternative system exists that gives people the option to opt out of the corrupt and fraudulent fiat monetary system. Digital programmable scarcity with programmable rules for contracts is giving people the kind of transparency and personal control needed to regain financial sovereignty. Bitcoin with its finite supply of 21 Million gives people a scarce, divisible and reliable store of value outside the control and influence of Government and Central Banks, and has been the best performing asset of the last decade. Ethereum provides a financial ecosystem to build the financial services of the future in a more robust, transparent, fair and rule bound way; adding value, freedom and choice for users. The Ethereum ecosystem has recently gained the go ahead to create the Digital Australian Dollar, signalling that even some of the legacy system is ready to jump across into a new world. There are some amazing projects on the Ethereum Blockchain, doing everything from Insurance, through to Gaming and Lending. There is also the opportunity to get in on some of these game changing technologies and projects on Ethereum before the institutions and large investors know about them. WISE is one of these projects, currently there are 17 days left for Reservation of WISE tokens and has already raised 21 Million USD in Ethereum for its Bond-like product. Over the next five years there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to front run the capital of the world shifting into a new financial and economic paradigm.

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  • Remember: Do your own research, keep an open mind and be curious.


C. Streuli

Ex Banker, Trader and Crypto Nerd